For many people, many things are increasingly happening digitally and online. For the most part, that is an excellent thing. However, as it plays out, we send back and forth a lot of sensitive personal information between computers around the globe. If a bad person were to tap into that channel, we could be left undressed-naked with our intimate information out there for public amusement, scrutiny, and ridicule, among other awful things.

Think of your domestic home setup. You might have smart appliances like the nanny cam in your kids’ bedrooms and the CCTV system surveilling in and outside your house. On your computer, you might have sensitive data on your clients, co-workers, and boss. All these are a treasure trove for black-hat hackers.

Why Cybersecurity is a MUST

On the flip side, it has never been so easy to share our private information with the world, especially with the proliferation of the internet, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Everyone is using these devices, from toddlers trying to learn their ABCs on YouTube Kids to your house-help checking up on food recipes online, your spouse keeping up with family and friends on social media, to yourself getting some work done online.

The internet has become part and parcel of our daily lives. However, if used incorrectly, it could be a walk down a dangerous rabbit hole. One with financial losses and physical injuries, just to say the least.

Microsoft Edge Free VPN

This article will show you how to protect your data online, at least while browsing the internet. Note, there are still very many other avenues where your sensitive data can leak out onto the wrong hands.

You might already know that Microsoft has been drumming up support for its latest browser – Edge browser – for some time now. In its quest to entice users away from the most popular browser – Chrome – Microsoft has been baking some nifty features into Edge.

On that front, Microsoft is currently testing a beta VPN feature on its canary version of the Edge browser. That is to say, the feature has not been rolled out to the stable channel, where the average user is, but can still be accessed on its beta program.

Should you Try the beta Edge VPN?

Well, it is only a matter of time before Microsoft rolls this feature to the rest of the public on the stable channel. But, if you would like to give it a try today and secure your internet browsing using a free VPN on Edge. Click here for more information.