Our smartphones are tethered to us, and they follow us virtually everywhere we go. However, they can be a distraction. For instance, when you sit down at your work desk and psych yourself up to clear a big pile of work. The last thing you want is your attention to keep moving back and forth between your computer and phone.

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That is not to say you should ignore all the whistles and bells coming off your phone. They could be very important calls, SMS, or notifications.

Sync your Smartphone with your Windows PC

The Cupertino tech giant Apple’s monopoly and iron grip on its ecosystem works to its advantage in many ways. iPhone and Mac users have enjoyed the ability to sync their devices smoothly for a longer time.

On this front, Microsoft suffers a significant disability. Its market is very fragmented; the majority of the PCs out there are made by other 3rd-party OEMs. There are only a handful of Microsoft-made PCs out there in the market. Also, the company has no meaningful imprint in the mobile space.Nonetheless, it has made significant steps in making it easier for users to interconnect their devices. Mainly, Android devices and their Windows PCs. This ability came in the form of Microsoft’s Your Phone Android app.

Your Phone app has been around for a while, although Microsoft has done a better job updating its main OS and other desktop applications. There hasn’t been much work done on the Your Phone Android app.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app latest upgrade now called Phone Link

Microsoft’s latest attempt to provide users seamless integration between their Android smartphones and PCs comes in the form of an updated version of the Your Phone app. In addition to the new features, the company has also renamed the app to Link to Windows. Some of the upgrades include:

  • Visual overhaul
  • Microsoft says notifications are now more upfront
  • Tabbed navigation – users can now easily browse between messages, photos, videos

The Link to Windows app can be easily accessed from the Quick Access tray on Windows PC. The app will also come pre-installed in some Android smartphones, including Samsung, Microsoft Duo, and Honor Phones.

As it works out, you only need to link your compatible Android device to the Link to Windows app on your computer. Once that is done, you never have to juggle between your computer and the phone. All your phone notifications, messages, including phone calls, can be handled over your computer. It goes without saying, you also need a compatible PC – one with Bluetooth, an internal mic and microphone, webcam, to fully enjoy the app’s capabilities.