So much of our personal, professional, and even business lives play out in one or the other in cyberspace. That trend is only set to grow, with many businesses, schools, and even person-to-person activities increasingly going digital and online.

On the surface, there is no denying there are a lot of advantages and efficiencies in conducting our affairs online. However, one must be cognizant of the many dangers lurking online and how to steer clear of them.

Chrome Safety Mode

Google’s Chrome browser continues to be the leading browser in all markets worldwide. That is certainly not by accident; the browser is fast and somehow appears to set the standards for web development.

As with anything popular, Chrome does attract the very best of them and the very worst of them. There are a lot of black hat hackers who knows Chrome is the best watering hole to stalk and sneak up on their next cybercrime victim.

This fact is not lost to Google, and they have done quite a commendable job in keeping the browser not just fast but also secure.

Advanced Google Chrome Security Features

This article will preview an enhanced security feature on Chrome that the typical user might not know about or actively use. Unfortunately, this Safe Browsing Mode remains a preserve of the power users. The average John and Jane Doe don’t take their time to tinker enough with their Chrome settings to enable the feature.

As Google puts it, Enhanced Safe Browsing is for “users who require or want a more advanced level of security while browsing the web.” It also puts users on the fast lane to flagging suspicious files to Google. The quicker Google gets the suspicious files, the faster they scan them and contain their spread should their inspection establish if the files are malware, virus, adware, or cryptojackers.

However, one disappointing fact about the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature is that Google has only available it for the desktop ecosystem across all platforms. It is not yet available on Chrome on mobile for iOS. Google would not leave its own mobile platform Android behind.

How to Enable Enhanced Safe Browsing mode in Chrome

Step 1 – Launch Chrome browser and tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
Step 2 – Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > tap on Security.
Step 3 – There are three options available – Enhanced Protection, Standard Protection, and No Protection. Tap on Enhanced Protection.
Having followed the steps above, in the future, you will be browsing under Enhance Safe Browsing mode on Chrome.

Benefits of the Enhanced Browsing Mode

There are numerous security benefits when browsing under Enhanced Safe Browsing mode. They include:

a. Chrome will continuously be checking websites you visit against a crowdsourced list of websites known to be potentially dangerous URLs.
b. The browser will check your email addresses and passwords for possible data breaches and give you a prompt to change them accordingly.

These are just the top benefits you will get browsing under Enhanced Security Mode on Chrome. Although, there are many more we have not mentioned. Nonetheless, as a rule of thumb, more security layers can never hurt.