Has Microsoft reverted back to it’s old tactics of ramming things down users’ throats? It would appear that’s the case is the current hard-selling of the Edge browser is anything to go by.

We have all been there, you are really excited about something you created and simply can’t wait to share it with the world. However, we become blinded by our excitement that we simply become blind to the fact that those we’re targeting with our product are not willing or capable to pay us some mind.

That might be a temporary situation, or a permanent one. Microsoft is currently in such a pickle with its new Chromium Edge browser.

Granted, Edge browser is increasingly proving to be a kick ass browser. Some users say they finally found a worthy contender to replace Google’s Chrome browser. Still, does that give Microsoft to bomb Edge browser into the sight of Windows users?

Microsoft’s attempt to get Windows users to switch to Edge has seen the browser adopt malware characteristics.

  1. Even on Windows 7, which Microsoft no longer pushes security and features updates. Users are being bombed by stealthy installation of the Edge chromium browser. 
  2. Users on Windows 7 are greeted by a full page Edge browser when logging in for the first time after their computer has received the update. That’s malware-ish behavior right there.
  3. Users on Windows 10 find the Edge browser pinned on the taskbar. Who pinned it there? Microsoft, of course!
  4. When you hover your cursor over the pinned Edge browser icon on the taskbar. The jump-list pops up with your browsing history from your default browser.

For most people, the default browser will be Google’s Chrome. The fact that you find your browsing history on Edge could only mean one thing; Edge browser is stealing data from Chrome.

The word ‘steal’ is intentionally used here because users did not explicitly opt in for the import browsing history feature on Edge. That could mean Edge acted like a malware and without the user’s explicit permission, imported user’s data from Chrome or any other default browser.

It is mind boggling how Microsoft will not send security or features updates to Windows 7, but will push updates to install Edge browser. All that without the user’s explicit permission.

If that’s not malware-ish then we have no clue of what a malware means.