I don’t know about you, but this new model of social distancing and working from home has got me on edge. It feels like I am on house arrest. No, actually my family and I are on house arrest in our own homes. Our home has turned into our world for over the last three weeks now.

There is no denying it, we are all feeling great levels of ‘house sores.’ Staying in one place for too long breeds brain fogs, which makes that ‘work from home’ model an uphill task. We are slowly becoming zombies as run out of ideas of things to do around the house to keep ourselves entertained.

The Quarantined People have it worse

It does seem insensitive to complain about ‘house sores,’ and brain fogs when some people are fighting for their lives in quarantine facilities around the world, doesn’t it? Especially for those whose conditions are critical, and doctors keep wondering if they will make it through the next hour.

Then there are those who despite having the viral load running through their system, their conditions are stable, and not in any immediate danger. Though very much worried about their condition, but do still have the luxury of moving about within the confines of their quarantine facilities.

Like us, who are practicing social distancing and staying at home, they too are quickly running out of ideas of keeping themselves busy and entertained. I mean, there is only so much one can do in quarantine, and they have it worse since they have a constant reminder that they may not make it through the week.

Samsung pitching in the fight of the Coronavirus

These hard times have called on businesses, both small and large, to pitch in the fight of the coronavirus pandemic in whichever means possible. Tech giant, Samsung has also joined in on the fight by donating smartphones and tablets to patients inside quarantine facilities.

Samsung’s contributions both in cash and goods to local governments are estimated to stand at $29 million. Thanks to the Korean electronics giants, there are some quarantined patients who are able to connect with their loved ones outside the quarantine facilities, binge on some Netflix, play some candy crush, or continue with work beside their hospital beds.

We are donating smartphones to patients in quarantine to help them keep in touch with their families and friends, as well as air purifiers and other appliances to hospitals and quarantine centers. We are also donating tablets to educational institutions so that children can continue to learn outside of the classroom.” – reads in part a statement by Samsung to newsrooms.