Now that more people are embracing remote working, virtual events, and social distancing, those of us who have been telecommuting to work, feel less like freaks. As more and more people come over to our side of the workforce model.

Additionally, the benefits accrued from remote working might make it the new norm once all these unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. Be that as it may, let us talk about a new feature that just rolled in on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group calls

The ability to call people as a group on WhatsApp first went live back in 2018. However, most people find it quite cumbersome that to call a group of people on WhatsApp; you need to add every individual separately once you make the call to the first participant. Won’t it be easier if you tap on the call button, and every person in the groups receives the call?

Well, yes, that would be easier! And it is just dawning on the WhatsApp company now, that it would be easier if a call to a group would go to all group members. Instead of you dialing the first group member, telling them to hold up for a minute, add the second, tell the two to hold up, as you add the third and so on.

Thanks to an update that just rolled on today, tapping the video or voice call on WhatsApp Group will make the call to all the members of the group. Pretty nifty, huh? However, the feature will only work for groups consisting of not more than four members.

That means WhatsApp still has many restrictions in terms of group calling and cannot be the go-to platform if you want a video conferencing involving more than four participants. So understandably, it cannot be a robust tool in the era of remote working and virtual events, as it merely lacks the bandwidth needed at such times.