This weekend would have marked Easter for the year 2020, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Easter 2020 will be unlike any other in recent history. For one, there will be little to no travel of people from their usual residence to join other family and friends to celebrate the holiday together.

Being one of the most important and longest celebrated holidays for Christians. Easter has become a global event, even in parts of the world where Christianity has a small footprint.

The business world has been cashing in on the festivities surrounding the Easter holidays. The traditional business model largely depending on walking customers where you find customers in their thousands flocking malls, gift shops, restaurants, eateries, and holiday retreats among other business establishments.

Sure there were still some elements of e-commerce such as paperless payment, online booking, and doorstep delivery. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more stakeholders have gone full throttle on the e-commerce aspect of the business model, as customers keep away from physically visiting business establishments and social gatherings.

More Virtual/Online and less of the Physical

Traditional Easter ceremonies goes online, for instance the Vatican says all religious services will now be live streamed with worshippers viewing the proceeding from the safety of their own homes. The White House too has canceled its traditional Easter egg Roll.

Nonetheless, the 2020 Easter celebration might have more people celebrating the festive season more than ever before. Largely because more people will be found at home and business (if any) will be slow. In an effort to uplift their spirits, more people will have the time and space to celebrate the festivities, unlike the previous years where life’s hustle and bustle denied them such a chance.

That is to say that businesses looking to deliver products and services surrounding the Easter holiday celebrations and have digitized their business model. The holiday still stands to be a booming business season.

They just need to streamline their operations with regards to incorporating e-commerce into their business model. Where customers can order for shop, make orders, and pay online. Then the goods be delivered to the customers doorsteps in a sanitary manner.