Engineers at Microsoft have been on overdrive, churning new apps and services they wish could disrupt the market. Well, they just might achieve that, and Grammarly might soon be fighting for its market space.

We already know the new chromium Edge browser is quite the robust browser, Microsoft had promised to give us and replace Chrome as our favorite default browser. Well, on that front, Edge has been doing quite some bit of a$$ kicking. So much so that a number of users are seriously dumping Chrome for Edge.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has today announced it is rebranding Office 365 as Microsoft 365. They have also added new features that will make getting some work done on the office suit more professional and presentable.

Microsoft Editor to give Grammarly run for its money

One feature that particularly stands out is the Microsoft Editor, which works in more or less the same way as Grammarly.

Think of Microsoft Editor as the traditional spell and grammar check you find in Word and other Office apps feeling jaded over the years as Grammarly kept getting more and more attention. Now the spell and grammar feature on Office has upgraded and now wants to give Grammarly a run for its money.

The Microsoft Editor, as you might have already figured out from the above paragraph, is an AI-powered writing suggestion. It is designed to help you improve your spelling and grammar, among other things, when writing.

The Editor is not only available in the Microsoft 365 office suits, but also as an extension for the Chrome and Edge browsers. Its features are as follows:

  • Gives alternate vocabularies suggestions
  • Suggestions on improving the clarity of sentences
  • Helps you use the correct tone of language for formal and informal writings
  • Checks on plagiarism and provides for quick citations on your writings
  • Gives alternative punctuations
  • Presents gender-neutral and inclusive terms to address biases in writing

Just like Grammarly, the Microsoft Editor wants to help you avoid putting your foot inside your mouth before the public. Something quite critical especially for people in the print, and electronic media who use writing a means to communicate to the rest of the world.

Before you get too excited about dropping your Grammarly subscription, the app is currently available to a limited number of users. However, the Microsoft Editor will be available for all by the end of April; hopefully, by then, these whole coronavirus nightmares will be in our rear-view mirrors.