Aargh, finally, there is Grammarly for Microsoft Word on Mac. Phew, it’s about time don’t you think?

If you do a lot of writing – like myself – then you probably hate the fact that you cannot go full throttle on your writing while on a Mac computer. When you think about how much the average Mac costs compared to the average Windows PC, and yet you get more done on the latter than the former. It gets even more frustrating.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word on Mac

Well, today the GS magazine is happy to let you know that you can take off at least one more frustration in your Mac versus PC comparison. That is on the Grammarly front.

For years, we have had to make do with the Grammarly app for Mac when we want to edit our writing. Most people write on Microsoft Office suite, by the way the Office 365 has just been renamed to Microsoft 365, I mean it is the established old school office suite in the market.

Although Google’s G-Suite is quickly becoming popular, especially among people who like working on the cloud, and on the go. A developing trend that has informed the move by Microsoft to offer its Office Suite as a subscription service, but that’s an article for another day.

The Word is out with Grammarly on Mac

Grammarly as it works on the Grammarly app on Mac, or Microsoft Word app on Windows PC. That is, as you write, it offers suggestions on grammar, vocabulary, clarity, and just about everything else that entails forward thinking and eyeballs-grabbing writing.

Yes, and that includes writing gender sensitive sentences. Such as instead of writing the ‘chairman’ you ought to write something along the lines of the ‘chairperson.’ However, there are still some kinks in the product. For one, you will not see suggestions underlined in red, as you get with Word on Windows, but when you click on the Grammarly suggestions, it will highlight the suggestions.

To download the Grammarly for Word on Mac, follow this link.