If you are like me, then your laptop is probably your gateway to the world. The portal through which you interact with your family and friends. The door to your clients and business partners. The window to your entertainment and information.

But who says that gateway has to be an uninspiring monotonous dull screen? Apple, for one, thinks it should be the opposite if the macOS Mojave wallpapers are anything to go by.

If you have seen Apple pitch video for its latest desktop operating system, then you will agree with me, that macOS Mojave has some of the most thrilling. Here is the really good news, if you can’t afford the hefty price tag on Apple’s computers. You can download the macOS Mojave wallpapers to just about any PC out there.

Hell, there are even edited versions of these wallpapers that would work on your smartphone and tablet. But in this article, we will be focusing on just computers.

Courtesy of 9to5mac, here is a zip file of macOS Mojave wallpapers on Dropbox ready for download.