Google wants you to spend more time online doing what they like you doing most; feeding them with data to better tailor your next targetted ads and make a huge stash of cash for them from advertisers.

Internet access, especially in the developing countries, and rural countryside areas in the developed nation can be quite spotty, expensive, and unreliable. While most people now have smartphones, those little devices in our pockets are like a black hole that sucks data endlessly. Left unchecked, you could easily max-out your mobile data allocation and find yourself on a pay-as-you-go tariff, eventually, you will have to pay a dear-sum amount to your mobile service carrier.

Well, you will be glad to know Google has launched a new app (one that mimics the feature of Opera Max by Opera Software) that will have your browser more, for less. Dubbed Datally, this app will bar background apps from consuming your data, monitor the amount of data each app is consuming, and search for open public Wi-Fi with a good reputation for speed and reliability.

You can check out Datally, or install it on your Android device by heading on to Google Play Store at this link.