Have you ever tried to give direction to your friends who were trying to come to your location while you were in an unmarked physical address?

You’re like “take a left, then a right, walk pass the kiosk, walk for 2 minutes and to your left you will see a big tree, make the turn, come to the blue gate…”

Aargh! Really exhausting and can be confusing if you’re not in the right state of mind.

Well, if you have a smartphone, say good riddance to that entire headache. Google Maps has rolled out a new location sharing feature to all users. It is a new feature, so ensure the app one your phone is updated.

How to use Share Location feature on Google Maps

Ensure you turn on location setting on the phone before proceeding. Once you turn it on, open the Google Maps app and right click the top-right corner for the options menu. You will see Share location option. Tap on it, and it will walk you through to the screen where you send a link to your friend(s).google maps.png

You can set a limit to how long your friend(s) can know your location on the Google Maps. You can give them say 1hour, 2hours, or 30 mins access to your location on the map. You can even set it to turn off when you want, as opposed to setting a timer to it.

Everyday application for this feature

Street names are now well defined in most rural places. It can be quite hectic to give people directions to your location. The new feature will make it so much easier as they will simply navigate on the Google Maps app on their smartphone.

You need to turn on GPS on your phone throughout until you meet up with your friends. For any reason should you lose GPS location, the app might not work properly in directing your friends to your location.