The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just hours away from kick off in Las Vegas, USA. Geek Savanna will endeavor to keep you posted on all the latest hardware, software, and hacks that will debut at the CES 2016 Las Vegas Tech Conference.

Before the kick off (which is just hours away), the following are some of the predictions Geek Savanna in as far as what you should expect from CES 2016. However, if I were you, I won’t expect much from giant tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. These giants are not known to share spotlights with other companies, especially when they are launching their flagship devices. Either way, here is what Geek Savanna predicts will showcase at CES 2016:

2-in-1 Computers (Hybrid Laptop)

Although the 2-in-1 computers concept has largely been a Microsoft idea, more companies are expected to unveil their flagship 2-in-1 computers at the CES 2016. Microsoft has worked hard both on the software and hardware end of the 2-in-1 concept, to make the idea of just carrying around a tablet to do things you’d normally do on your laptop a cool idea.ces 2016.gif

Microsoft first half-baked approach was with Windows 8, but later perfected the software front with the Windows 10. On the hardware front, the company Surface series have completely raised the bar on the 2-in-1 computers.

So at the CES 2016, we should expect imitators or complimentary of the 2-in-1 computers. Companies like HP and Lenovo have already launched imitation devices of the 2-in-1 computers; much of which is expected to be showcased at the CES 2016.

There are also going to be some complementary third-party hardware unveiled. We expect third party keyboards to Apple’s latest iPad Pro to be showcased by other companies.

Virtual Reality (VR) outside the Gamergate Realm

VR is a concept that has been around for ages, but it has almost nothing to show for outside the gaming niche. However, at CES 2016, all indications are there that VR could find more practical use outside the gamergate community.351f9321-fd87-40cd-b89c-7fa3fbe5237a.jpg

Take, for instance, the planned release of the Oculus in Q1 of this year. But we don’t expect such a significant leap of VR application outside gaming niche; at least not that fast.

Customized Drones

It is being said that the CES 2016 will have an entire floor dedicated to the ‘unmanned systems.’ At this said floor, all types of drones will be showcased. From drones build to take pictures, cover sports events, help in constructions sites, conduct search and help in travel among others.

While we do not expect a paradigm shift in the drone’s designs, we do expect a significant improvement in their sensory functions, operating software, and ability. We also expect a more candid discussion on the security and safety concerns especially on the commercial use of drones.

Smart Homes (Internet of Things)

We expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to be heavily represented at the CES 2016. All indications are in place that this is going to happen, considering the recent IoT developments; like the new thermostats devices from Amazon (Echo) and Google (Nest).

Not to mentioned improved wireless radio communication between devices like the Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth 4.0. We also expect smartphones to play a greater role in as far as using them as the ultimate remote control in smart houses is concerned.

Other home appliances like the air conditioner fitted with thermostats that check on weather updates and self-adjust giving your house the ideal temperature. We also expect smart fridges that can come up with a grocery list when you’re running low on stocks and order fresh supplies from online grocery stores.

Better customized Wearable Tech

Last year’s CES 2015 can be said to have been the second wave of wearable tech into the consumer market. However, most of the existing wearable tech despite promising great things such as tracking body vitals. A lot of these wearable techs leave a lot to be desired.7b814b71-6049-424f-b8c4-54b395659eaa.png

This CES 2016 we expect at the very least the third wave of wearable tech will wash onshore devices with better sensors, tweaked to give us better insights into the body functions among others.

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