Although there has been a recent development dubbed HTML5 that is set to disrupt our experience with mobile apps, for now, we have to rely on developers to keep pushing out updates and tweaks to the apps we have installed on our smartphones.

Sometimes some of these updates come and really messes up with the experience we used to enjoy with the earlier version. That is why some users disable the automatic updates feature on their apps. Even though, by doing so, you jeopardize your privacy and security since the patches from developers are meant to make security and performance all the more revamped.

However, sometimes we are left utterly disappointed by the updates, and unfortunately, most developers don’t give us the option to revert to the previous version. The best users can do, is to leave negative reviews for the latest version so that the developers can address the new bugs.

But then, that will leave you at the mercy of the developers, regarding when or if they decide to address the problems you are experiencing in the latest app update, or you will be forced to abandon ship entirely and substitute with the alternatives.

However, that is easier said than done, if you are using Windows or OS X. There are simple hacks that can allow you to download the previous versions of apps despite their updates being rolled out.

  • On Windows, you can use Fiddler to download an earlier version of an app.
  • On OS X, you can use Charles to download an earlier version of an app.

After downloading Fiddler for Windows or Charles for OS X depending on the system, you’re using. You will now embark on the really geeky part of the process; digging through XML files, and jumping through hoops of older versions of the app.

Detailed instructions on how to go about downloading to an earlier version of iOS apps can be found at iDownloadBlog. If you are looking for how to download an earlier version of an iOS app using iTunes legally, instructions can be found at Medium (Windows version).