It’s barely a month after Microsoft launched the full version of its digital personal assistant Cortana on Android, iOS and Cyanogen platforms. This plan is part of a wider plan by Microsoft to lure users from rival platform to its Windows platform, by first teasing them with cross-platform apps like Cortana, MS Office among other freebies.

It has now emerged that the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature on Android is now interfering with Google’s own native app Google Now. The native digital personal assistant that comes with Android phone and can be activated by users when they speak out ‘Ok Google’ on their phone’s microphone.

Ironically, this problem of ‘Hey Cortana’ disabling ‘Ok Google’ on Android did not happen for users who had installed the beta version of Cortana for Android. The full version that was launched by Microsoft barely three weeks ago across Android, iOS and Cyanogen devices is the one users on Android devices are experiencing glitches with.

Microsoft has soon moved with speed to fix this inconvenience by first disabling ‘Hey Cortana’ voice prompt on Android devices and is working on finding a workaround the glitch. Meantime users on Cyanogen devices continue summoning Cortana by the simple ‘Hey Cortana’ voice prompt.

A Microsoft spokesperson had the following to say to VentureBeat: “We’ve received user feedback that the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature is conflicting with Android voice search and are temporarily disabling the feature while we evaluate a solution.”

In the meantime, Microsoft has released an update for the Cortana for Android app version 1.2, which comes with disabled voice prompts and improved call and text experience. If this is the first time you are hearing about the availability of Cortana on Android, and would like to give it a try.

Head on to Google Play Store to download Cortana for Android.