The hacker group that goes by the name Anonymous is after the United States Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. This come after Trump called for a full ban on all Muslims travelling to the United States.


One of Anonymous Twitter accounts claims to have briefly brought down Trump’s website ( The hacker group has also posted the YouTube video below warning Donald Trump over his proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States.

“Donald Trump, it has come to our attention that you want to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This policy is going to have a huge impact. This is what ISIS wants. The more Muslims feel sad, the more ISIS feels they can recruit them. The more the United States appears to be targeting Muslims, not just radical Muslims, you can be sure that ISIS will be putting that on their social media campaign. Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything. You have been warned” – Anonymous

This proposal by Trump seems to have been sparked by the recent shooting in San Bernardino that left at least 14 people dead. This attack is believed to be the first terror attack made by ISIS in proxy on the American soil.

However, Donald Trump has a history of making quite unrestrained and outlandish comments; which many believed will hurt his campaign. But these comments have only served to amplify his popularity if the presidential polls are anything to go by.

Some argue that Trumps key campaign strategy is to attract all the media attention to his campaign trail. Evidently his campaign has so far gotten a lot of media attention, but some would say for all the wrong reasons; mainly his outlandish, discriminative and stereotypically comments.

On December 11th, Anonymous declared the day an ‘ISIS Trolling Day’, as the hacker group went on a hacking rampage on hundreds of ISIS social media accounts. Anonymous also called on the general public to take to social media and upload funny memes and images to mock ISIS as they use hashtags commonly employed by the Islamist militia group.