Early November, OneDrive punished all users for the mistakes of a few users by reneging on the free 15GB storage and the additional 15GB camera roll bonus to just 5GB free storage and no camera storage. This news was never taken well by Windows users and many petitioned against Microsoft’s decision on various platforms like Change.org.

Some users went to as far as threatening Microsoft to abandon altogether the Windows ecosystem (desktop and mobile). Although Microsoft put up a valid argument for its decision, it still didn’t make it any less unfair to the many users who abide by the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) for using OneDrive.

Microsoft argued that some users were abusing the T&Cs set for unlimited OneDrive storage that comes with Office 365 subscription. Previously Microsoft had not set a cap on the Office 365 OneDrive storage, and a few users stored data over 1TB; the company referenced one user who stored up to 75TB of data.

Microsoft to counter against such abuse set a cap for Office 365 subscription to strictly 1TB and got carried away with its punishment by reneging on the 15GB free storage and 15GB camera roll back. Most Windows users were already enjoying the free 30GB storage on OneDrive and for Microsoft to renege on that felt like punishing the whole Windows users community for the mistakes of a few.

These changes were to take effect come 2016. So Microsoft was giving users ample time to seek an alternative platform to store their excess data that exceeds the new limit for the various OneDrive package.

Well, this morning it emerged that Microsoft sort of changed its mind. It will allow users currently enjoying the free 30GB OneDrive storage to continue doing so. However, new users coming onto the OneDrive platform will only be given 5GB free storage and no change for camera roll storage.

But to continue using the 30GB free storage, you must opt in at the OneDrive website. You can do this at this link: https://preview.onedrive.com/bonus/.

Well, if the petition won anything is that at least current OneDrive users enjoying the 30GB free storage will continue doing so. Too bad it was not able to secure the same for the coming new OneDrive users. But who is to say that might not change with time? Geek Savanna will keep you posted if or when that happens.