Apple has again sifted through the hundreds of thousands of apps on its App Store and listed the best iPhone Apps for the year 2015. Apple does this at the end of every year, and for the year 2015, Apple has listed the following apps as the best of the best apps any Apple fanboy or fangirl would want running in their iPhones.

Best of iPhone Apps and Games

  1. Periscope by Twitter [App of the Year]
  2. Enlight by Lightricks Ltd [Runner Up]
  3. Robinhood – Free Stock Trading app by Robinhood Markets, Inc. [Runner Up]
  4. Workflow – Powerful Auto Made Simple by DeskConnect, Inc. [Most Innvoative]
  5. Instagram by Instagram Inc. [Best Apps on iPhone 6s]
  6. HBO Now by HBO
  7. Hopper – Airfare Predictions by Hopper
  8. Darkroom – Photo Editor by Bergen Co.
  9. Lark – Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist by LARK
  10. The Everything Machine by Tinybop Inc.
  11. Pacemaker by Pacemaker Music AB
  12. Tandem – Language Exchange by Tripod Technology
  13. Jet by
  14. Timeline – News in Context by, Inc.
  15. Vee for Video by Medious
  16. Fit Men Cook – Healthy Recipes by Nibble Apps Ltd.
  17. Sparks – Smart Email App for Work by Readdle
  18. RefMe – Citations Made Easy by RefME
  19. Wildcard – Know the Day in News and Entertainment by Coopkanics Inc.
  20. Paper – Notes, Photo Annotationa, and Sketeches by FiftyThree, Inc.
  21. GIPHY CAM – The GIF Camera by Giphy Inc.
  22. PRY by Tender Claws LLC
  23. Reuters TV – Video News by Thomson Reuters
  24. Zova by ZOVA
  25. Blue Apron by Blue Apron Inc.

Apple published the Best iPhone Apps of 2015 yesterday under the headline ‘Best of 2015’. Apple’s describes the experience its staff in India had as they compiled that list in writing:

We debated. We argued. Everyone had favorites, but to make this list of 2015’s finest, there could be no doubts. What you see here made the cut; they’re the most visionary, inventive and irresistible apps and games of the year.”