The latest Opera 34 browser has a revamped Opera Turbo said to enable you browse 15% faster and save 23% more data than the previous versions. Opera browser received its latest update on Tuesday, Dec 8, with a significant upgrade on its Opera Turbo feature.

According to Opera Software ASA, the latest Opera 34 browser has been designed to give you a better browsing experience while you are on a congested Wi-Fi connection, such as at the airport, cafés or school. It will also boost your browsing speed on slow networks by as much as 15% faster browsing; especially for people browsing via their phone on a 3G network hotspot and viewing web pages rich in images.

For users on a limited data plan, the new upgraded Opera Turbo will enable you to save up to 70% of your data. The new upgraded Opera Turbo feature is also said to be 23% more efficient at saving data. Than the Opera Turbo found in the previous versions of the Opera browser.


If you would like to give the new Opera 34 Stable a test, you can download it at the Opera Website. If you already have Opera browser installed in your system, then you might need to update it in case the update did not come in automatically.

It might also interest you to know that the mobile version of the browser, the Opera Mini [iTunes, Play Store] also uses data compression technology to help you browse faster while using less data. It does this by first compressing the web pages at the Opera servers before sending data to your phone.

The company also has another app, Opera Max [Play Store] that compresses all data used by all apps on your smartphone including the operating system itself. Opera Max also gives you the ability to choose which apps are allowed to connect to the Internet and which ones you can stop from connecting.

When combined, the Opera Max and Opera Mini work to improve better your browsing speed. While at the same time helping you to extend the number of web pages you can view on a limited data plan.