WhatsApp has brought limitless possibilities as far as keeping in touch in a cheap, fast and convenient way is concerned. Through the app, you are few push-buttons on smartphone away from communicating with that your friend, client or college half way around the world, or someone much closer.

Whichever way you use your WhatsApp, I am pretty certain there were occasions when you wished you could use two accounts on one device. Hell, maybe you have one of those dual SIM-standby phones. Why does WhatsApp want to restrict you to just using only one of your lines for WhatsApp communications?

How to use Two WhatsApp Account on the same Android device?

Well, here is where Geek Savanna comes in. Today we’re going to show you a simple trick to using two WhatsApp Account on the same Android phone; having a dual SIM-standby phone notwithstanding.

Option 1 – OGWhatsApp

Your first option is using OGWhatsApp. First open your WhatsApp app and go to Settings>Chat Settings and tap on Backup conversations.

Next, ‘Clear Data’ on WhatsAppp; head on to the Phone’s Settings>Application Manager>All Apps and tap on WhatsApp. You will see ‘Clear Data,’ tap on this.

You now need to rename the WhatsApp folder in your phone’s storage. There are very ways you can do this including using a computer. But here is the easiest way, go to the WhatsApp folder in your phone’s memory; check to see if it’s on the SD-card on phone’s internal storage. It would be easier if you used your phone’s native ‘File Explorer’ and go to the ‘WhatsApp’ folder.

Long press on the ‘WhatsApp’ folder and the option of renaming the folder will pop-up. Rename it to OGWhatsApp. Next uninstall the WhatsApp app on your phone, and head on to OGWhatsApp website and download OGWhatsApp. Next you need to install it on your phone. When installing OGWhatsApp, it will ask for your phone number, I suggest you give the number used in the WhatsApp account you just deleted.

OGWhatsApp should be up and running, and you should resume chatting with your friends as you did before deleting the old WhatsApp account. Even your chat history should be in place since you didn’t delete the WhatsApp folder; you only renamed it.

Next step, is the easiest part because it’s quite familiar; go to Google Play and download WhatsApp app. Install it on your phone and at the activation stage give your second phone number. This far you should now be able to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device.

Option 2 – WhatsMapp

You can follow the exact procedure above using OGWhatsApp but instead use WhatsMapp. The app works as a WhatsApp client, and you can download it here. (You must still uninstall the WhatsApp from your device first). Use your old number on WhatsMapp and download a new WhatsApp from the Play Store and use your second number to activate it.