Are you one of those germophobes users who are scared as hell of touching other people’s smartphone or even your phone after using it for an extended period? Do you ever find yourself cleaning your smartphone now and then with a piece of cloth soaked in anti-bacterial solution?

Well, the new Japanese smartphone might just be the solution to all your germophobe’s fears. There’s a Japanese company Kyocera that showcased what it calls world’s first waterproof smartphone, dubbed Digno Rafre. Kyocera says you can wash the smartphone just like you would any piece of clothing, using soap and water.

This firm says while there may be other phones on the market that tout themselves as waterproof smartphones. Their smartphone is more waterproof that you can deep it in water, put some soap and give it a good scrubbing to get rid of not just dirt but also kill bacteria. For that reason, Digno Rafre has taken the waterproof a notch higher by declaring itself the world’s first soap proof smartphone.

That being said, this smartphone can be used in virtually all kinds of environment. You don’t have to fear to get it dirty because you can easily deep it in the nearest sink and wash off any dirt thoroughly with hand soap. I can already see how useful such a phone can be for those who love to talk on the phone or chat while they are in the bath, cooking in the kitchen or the garden.

The Digno Rafre has a touch panel that works just as good even when wet or covered with dirt. If you are asking yourself how they managed to pull off such a feet yet, the smartphone has peripherals like speakers that are difficult to make waterproof. Well, that is a good question but has a simple answer. The smartphone uses a Smart Sonic Receiver, which is a bone-conducting technology that produces sound without using a speaker. This smartphone will be launched next week and will retail starting at $465.