You’re probably on WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app that has grown quite so popular these days. While there are things we don’t like about WhatsApp; like the fact that anyone with your number can add you to any group. The worst part is you don’t even get to have a say in it. It is quite strange why WhatsApp have never thought of having the option of ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ when one adds you to a WhatsApp Group.

How To Know WhatsApp Group If Message Sent Have Been Read

There are occasions when WhatsApp Group can be beneficial, like when you want to communicate with many people by sending just one message. However, you are never really sure if everyone on that Group got the message, and if they got the message, you never know if they ignored it.

Well, Geek Savanna is going to show you how to know who has read the message you send in a WhatsApp Group. After sending the message, in a WhatsApp Group, press and hold the message until the ‘information’ or (i) icon appears the top. Tap the icon and you will see two lists:

  • Read by: – This will show you the list of people within that particular WhatsApp Group that have received your message and read it.
  • Delivered to: – This will show the list of people who have received the message but are yet to read it.whatsapp group.jpg

All other contacts that do not appear under either ‘Read by’ or ‘Delivered to’ list are people who have not gotten your message. If the message is urgent, and you feel it is important, they get to hear about it. You might want to take an alternative route to passing the message across to them.

You could try sending the message directly to them as opposed to sending it in the group. You never know, perhaps they have ‘Muted’ that particular ‘WhatsApp Group’. Alternatively, you could just call them.