The Data Saver mode capability on Google’s Chrome mobile browser is a far cry from Opera Mini data saving ability. Opera Mini gets even better when you combine it with the Opera Max app. Ironically, when it comes to the desktop space, Chrome browser is more dominant than the Opera browser. Whereas in the mobile space, Opera Mini is more dominant that the Chrome mobile browser.

Personally, I use Chrome as my default browser on the desktop, and Opera Mini as my default browser on mobile. Yes, I know I would enjoy my browsing experience much better if I were to pick the same make of browser across all my devices. But when am using my desktop am usually on an unmetered Wi-Fi connection, and my mobile uses a cellular connection. I only use my mobile device to browse when am away from my workstation; meaning am away from the Wi-Fi and desktop computer.

We all know that Google does not like to come in at second place at anything. Despite that, the fact is, currently Opera Mini, combined with Opera Max app does a much better job of saving data on a mobile device than Chrome mobile browser does with its Data Saver mode. So it comes as no surprise that many people especially in the developing countries like in Africa, prefer Opera Mini to Chrome browser.

Google is working hard to challenge Opera Mini dominance in the mobile space if the latest blog post about Chrome browser is something to go by.

Google says that it has revamped the Data Saver mode on its Chrome mobile browser that will enable users to save “up to 70 percent, by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection. After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.”chrome.gif

If, like me, you are a loyal Chrome browser user on desktop, the revamped Data Saver mode is something to look forward to. This news might mean that you could be able to ditch Opera Mini and use Chrome as your default browser while browsing on your smartphone. That way, you will better enjoy the synchronization feature Chrome offers for a seamless browsing across different devices.

However, you might have to wait a few months though before you get the upgrade on your mobile device. Google announced that revamped Data Save mode on Chrome mobile will be first rolled out in India and Pakistan. Users in other countries will just have to wait a little longer.