TLcom is a global venture capital firm with an estimated capital base of $300 million. The firm is based in London and has presence in Nairobi. In its drive to set up footprint across the African continent, the firm has opened up new offices in Lagos, Nigeria.

To oversee and lead its operation in the West African market, TLcom has appointed Nigeria’s former Minister of Communication and Technology Omobola Johnson as the General Partner for its Nigerian-wing.

Omobola is set to spearhead the opening of TLcom’s new offices in Lagos. TLcom wants to keep a close eye on its associate companies and help them scale up to begin trade across the continent and as well as enter the global league.

We are excited about Omobola joining our team and leading our efforts in West Africa as we look forward to exploring businesses in fundamental markets such as Nigeria and finding entrepreneurs building scalable investable companies.

Our main priority is to further explore Africa related opportunities associated with technology and innovation for value generation.” – Maurizio Caio, the Managing Partner at TLcom Capital LLP.

TLcom entrance into the Nigerian market ushers in a new dawn of venture capital fund access to startup entrepreneurs emerging from the West African market. With the appointment of Omobola, hopefully this will form new bridges in the relationship between government-to-business relationship, given she formerly worked as a Nigerian government Minister. Therefore, she should be better positioned to see the existing loopholes in the government-to-business relationship in Nigeria.

About Omobola Johnson

Omobola Johnson comes into TLcom board with a lot of experience. She worked as the Nigeria Minister of Communication Technology from 2011 to 2015. During that time, she praised for having spearheaded the launch of Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan.Nigeria’s Former Minister Omobola Johnson Appointed To Lead TLcom Expansion Into West Africa

She was also involved in the establishement of Nigeria’s first government-led venture capital fund and a network of startup incubators across the country.