People looking to download black market (pirated) materials often flock to torrents sharing sites like KickAss Torrents. In fact, the site is currently the most visited torrents site in the world; with an average of 332 million visitors daily.

It perhaps this massive traffic that has attracted hackers to the sites like a moth to a light bulb, except the light bulb, in this case, will not burn the moth (hackers). It is the users of the file sharing platform that are being targeted by the hackers.

If you are one of the many, who frequent KickAss Torrents to download stuff, then you need to be on the lookout for the Blue Screen of Death. A pop-up that is characteristic of the Microsoft’s Windows operating system, and not to be expected as a site pop-up.

Hackers have managed to compromise KickAss Torrents and have placed a misleading pop-up screen displaying the Blue Screen of Death. It then offers users options to correct the problem by asking for users contact information for technical assistance to be offered to them. Users, who fall for the trick and give their contact information, should know that hackers are harvesting contacts for various cyber insecurities attacks. Such as

  • Stealing credit card information
  • Locking you out of your various accounts and demanding ransom to allow you access to the accounts ; ransomware
  • Targeting you with malicious links that will download spyware, adware and malware to your computer

KickAss Torrents users are at this moment advised to browse carefully on the site, and not to share any contact information. They should also exercise diligence in the links the click on and the files they choose to download.

The funniest part about the Blue Screen of Death being used by hackers to dupe visitors at KickAss Torrents is that even users on iOS devices keep getting the pop-up message. You should know that the Blue Screen of Death is only a Windows device problem, and users browsing on Android and iOS devices should not be getting such types of alerts.