McKinsey’s most recent report has revealed a surprising finding when comparing the women workforce contribution to the global GDP. Especially when comparing the women workforce in sub-Saharan Africa and their counterparts living in Western Europe.

The McKinsey’s report says that globally the collective contributions by the women workforce across the globe adds up to 37% of the global GDP. The report further goes to break down how this contribution is made:

  • Women workforce in North America and Oceania, make up 40% of GDP.
  • Women workforce in sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) make up 39% of the GDP.
  • Women workforce in Western Europe makes up 38% of the global GDP.
  • Latin America women workforce contribute 33% of the global GDP.
  • Indian women contribute 17% of the global GDP.

The McKinsey’s report further reveals that the largest women workforce on Earth is found in Easter Europe and Central Asia (47%). The next world region with a significant women workforce is SS with 46%, while North America, Oceania, and Western Europe tie at number three.

The report concludes by reaffirming that establishing a gender balance at the workplace will pump into the global economy an additional $12 trillion to $28 trillion by the year 2025. You can read further on the McKinsey’s report here.