If you are always surfing the internet on your mobile device on a mobile data plan, then you probably know just how fast you can max out your monthly mobile data plan. To enjoy the most out of your mobile data plan, most users turn to Opera Mini browser and turn off any unnecessary mobile updates.

Now, the makers of Opera Mini, Opera Software ASA, have released the latest version of the browser that comes with even better data saving technology. The company says their latest browser will enable you to browse for a longer period at faster web pages loading speeds and still be able to save more on your mobile data.

The new Opera Mini released on September 7th, 2015 comes with the following data saving modes:

  • High-Compression Mode: This mode gives you the ability to compress web pages when you are surfing on a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection with no interference on the quality of the web pages being sent to your mobile devices.
  • Extreme-Compression Mode: For extreme data compression, users get an extremely scaled-down version of the web pages. This mode is mainly meant for users on extremely slow networks or those looking to extend their mobile data plan for the longest time possible.

If you don’t know what the Opera Mini data compression technology does. Here is a simple explanation. When you activate the data compression mode on the Opera Mini browser on your device, the web pages you are browsing will first be routed through Opera Mini servers. The servers will then send a compressed version of the web pages to your mobile device. These web pages will be highly scaled down, using less mobile data. Therefore, you end up spending less on mobile data cost compared to users viewing the same web pages that have not been compressed.

To download the latest Opera Mini mobile browser on your Android device, click here.

The latest Opera Mini is also said to come with better UI for the saved web pages and bookmarks. It also has a better capability of handling big downloads over the High-Compression mode and comes with a better scalable interface when using on high-resolution devices such as tablets and phablets.