If you are like many cautious people, you probably back up all your important files, documents, app, setting on your devices. This applies on your computer, smartphone, tablet, office work document etc. and cloud storage is often the best choice for backup system.

However, have you ever thought of backing up your house or office key in the cloud? Before you start arguing ‘that’s impossible you can only backup digital items in the cloud!’ There is an app specifically meant for backing up keys to the cloud, KeyMe.

How to back up keys using KeyMe

Simply download the free iOS app, take your key from the key chain and place it on a blank sheet of paper. Using your smartphone, take a snap of the key, and then flip it on the other side and again take a snap.

The KeyMe app will analyze the pictures taken to ensure enough information needed to make a replica key has been captured. The digital copy of the key (picture) will then be backed up in the cloud for later usage; if or when needed.

The next time you find yourself without a key for one reason or the other, simply send the digital key’s code to a locksmith to cut out a new key. Although there is no cost in using the app, sending the code to a locksmith will cost you $3.50 and any codes sent after that will be 30% cheaper.

This app could also come in handy when you are away from your house and need to let a friend, neighbor or family member into your house. If previously you had not given them an extra key to your house, you can simply email them the digital key code and they will have it cut by the locksmiths at the KeyMe kiosks.

Click here to download KeyMe on your iOS device and Android device.