Coming hot on the heels of Microsoft’s launch of Cortana (digital assistant software) to Android devices users, Facebook is prepping for launch of its own digital assistant – M. The social network giant is said to have embarked on running tests aimed at creating a virtual assistant app for its Messenger app.

Facebook is touting M to go beyond just the conventional capabilities of an artificial intelligence program. It says that M will be able to complete tasks and seek out information at the behest of the user.

Facebook’s David Marcus wrote in a blog post: “Unlike other AI-based services in the market, M can actually complete tasks on your behalf. It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments, and way more.”

He went further to state that these are the early initial steps towards building a large-scale service to be managed by the virtual assistant software.

It would seem that artificial intelligence or digital assistant is the next frontier or battlegrounds for the big tech companies. Microsoft has been on the onslaught trying to muscle away the market held by Apple’s Siri and Google Now, both of which are digital assistant running on mobile devices that respond to voice commands. It now appears; Facebook too has also entered the same battlefields and wants to become the dominant player.

Microsoft’s performance as far as the mobile space is concerned has been a far cry from being impressive. With Cortana, the Redmond Company wants to create a seamless experience for users changing in between their Windows-run laptops and desktop PCs to their Android mobile devices.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Susan Hendrich wrote the following about Cortana on Android: “The Cortana app can do most of the things Cortana does on your PC or on a Windows phone.

With the app, you can manage your hectic lifestyle by setting and getting reminders, searching the web on-the-go, tracking important information such as flight details, as well as starting and completing tasks across all of your devices.”

August 24th, Microsoft released a beta version of Cortana to Android users in the US markets, and they are “planning to roll it out to other markets” according to Hendrich.