There are only about a handful of people who can honestly say they love playing around with numbers and algebraic symbols to come up with solutions. Mathematics for most people is an acquired taste that is dropped as soon as it is not needed.

If you are one in the crowd that just tolerate Mathematics, and always thank God for the invention of scientific calculators and all the other gadgetries out there for crunching the numbers. You will be most pleased to learn that now there is an app that can work out all your algebraic problems.

The app works in very much the same way as your QR-code reader works, you take out your smartphone, the app uses you smartphone camera to scan the mathematical equation, and voila! PhotoMath gives you the answer.

If you think of it more keenly, is this a heaven-sent app or another disastrous human invention that adds up to the pile of artificial intelligence that are slowly reducing our brain power as a species. You be the judge.

As you make your decision, think about this. You are a Grade 5 teacher, and you give your students home assignment to do to gauge how well they understood your lesson. When the kids get home, and it is time to do their homework, they don’t even bother to put in effort to recall what the teacher taught at school. They won’t even try to do research to refresh their memory.

The student just simply takes out his or her smartphone, points the camera to the algebraic problem given and let PhotoMath do all the working out for them. The app also gives them step by step procedure on how to solve the algebraic equation. So the students simply download those steps, or rather copy and pastes the steps into their exercise book and submits the homework to the teacher the next morning at school. Homework was correctly done!

PhotoMath is a creation of MicroBlink, the company behind PhotoPay. A revolutionary service that allows you to scan a paper bill and automatically send it to your bank, who will then pay the bill.