Are you an online publisher who often explains highly technical procedures to your readers? If so, you might want to try out the latest screenshot app, Microsoft Snip. The app not only captures reasonably good quality screenshots but also gives you additional ability to record audio and embed it on the screenshot taken.

If you are on Windows computer, you probably know of Snip, the screen capturing tool that has for long been coming with the operating system.

However, Microsoft Snip is different from the Windows Snip in that it allows you to record audio; when you record audio on a screenshot, it is transformed into an MP4 file. You can then embed this MP4 file on your website or share it as a URL by first uploading it to Microsoft’s servers.

Otherwise, all screenshots and MP4 files made are saved on your local system by default. The MP4 (video recording) where you show the screenshot and record audio can come in handy when you are explaining the content of a document or website to people. It would be easy if you were explaining by annotating on the document/web page as you explain by voice about what you are annotating.

Although there are many screenshot/screen capture/screen grab (depending on which term you like) software out there, most are premium software that require you to pay to use. The Microsoft Snip screenshot software albeit in beta version right now is available for free.

There is no telling as to whether or not the Redmond Company will avail the fully developed version for free. That, only time will tell, but for users who have been looking for powerful screen capture tools. Keep your fingers crossed that Microsoft avails Microsoft Snip as a freemium software.

If Microsoft Snip will be available for free, you can do away with Snip or the other Windows trick for capturing screenshots; press Windows Key + Prnt Sc on your keyboard.

You can download the beta Microsoft Snip from this link.