When you’re sitting behind the driving wheel of a car, you better head the calls. Too much speed will shorten your life. However, when you are sited in front of the computer screen, sluggish and slow system reduces your lifespan.

That can’t be true!” you say? Well, according to research by the Annals of Internal Medicine, sitting is the new smoking. The more time you spend sitting down, the more health complications you are likely to develop, even if you do regular exercise. You can read more about this later, at this link.

At Geek Savanna, we can help you out here with one thing. If you have a slow computer, you are going to take long to get your work done. That means you are going to be sited at your computer desk more than necessary. Well, the following tricks will help you turbo boost your computer speed and hopefully get done with your work and up on your feet faster.

How to make your Windows 10 PC run fast

We recommend that you always have your PC running at its top speed and given the latest buzz in the Windows world is Windows 10. We have assumed you are probably on the most recent operating system from the Redmond Company. The following are simple, do-it-yourself tricks that will turbo boost your machine, more like have it run on nitrous injection.

Disable all unnecessary start-up programs

If you have been using a computer for a while, this should be obvious. However, we are still taking a crack at it. During the boot time, start-up programs also start running while the system loads the necessary files during the booting process. The net effect is that the booting takes longer time than necessary. Disabling the unnecessary start-up program will make the booting process go much faster. You will be able to open these programs later once the computer is up and running.

Open Task Manager by hitting the following set of keys on your keyboard Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This will open a Menu, showing Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Task Manager and Cancel. Click on Task Manager and you will view all the programs, processes and services that are currently running on your PC.

{Please, note the above method of opening task manager is an old school way of doing it. Be hip by just pointing your mouse to the taskbar, right click and you will see Task Manager pop up as one of the options}How To make Windows 10 PC run like it's an a Nitrous Turbo Boost

Once the Task Manager opens, by default it should be on ‘simple view mode’. Click on More details to open a more detailed view of the processes.How To make Windows 10 PC run like it's an a Nitrous Turbo Boost

Click on the Startup Tab and a list of all the programs that run automatically during startup will show up. Disable all the programs you do not need by right-clicking on that particular program and selecting Disable. Pro tip: Windows has measured the impact each startup program has on the booting process. Geek Savanna would advise you to disable mainly the programs with High to Medium impact level only, and they must be those programs that you do not need.

Please don’t disable your antivirus, though it is probably going to be labeled a High Impact program. In our case, we disabled Microsoft OneDrive.How To make Windows 10 PC run like it's an a Nitrous Turbo Boost

The usual culprit here (High to Medium level impact) often are Google Chrome, iTunes Helper, Skype, and Adobe Reader. So be on the outlook for those, but primarily use the Startup Impact column to help you figure this out. I repeat, do not disable your systems antivirus.

Turn On Fast Startup

Did you know Windows 10 comes with a speed-up trick known as Fast Startup? This feature works by saving your system information to a temporary file when you shut down the PC. When you turn on the PC, it pulls all the information from the temporary file to boot up your system again but very fast. This means your PC never really boots up from scratch.

Here is how to turn on Fast Startup. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options. Alternatively you can go to Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional power settings.

Once you are in the Power Options, click on Choose what the power buttons do. It should be on the left side of your screen. Next, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.How To make Windows 10 PC run like it's an a Nitrous Turbo Boost

Do all the above and your computer should run faster than it previously did. Hopefully, this should mean that you will spend less time sitting. Geek Savanna insists on this, spend less time sitting down, but let us be realistic here.

However, some of us must sit down at our desk at our 9 to 5 jobs. Well, you should take a break from your work after every 1 hour or so and take a 5-minute walk. It could be a walk to the water vending machine, to the restroom or anything else. Just don’t sit down more than four hours consecutively without walking around.

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