The Windows Registry is in charge of controlling virtually all the local system configurations. Every time you install/uninstall new software or create/delete new files, they leave a trace in the Windows Registry. Also, when you uninstall a given software or delete a certain file, they leave a trace in the Windows Registry.

With time, the Registry becomes clogged up, and that’s when things start being sluggish on your computer. You might have a Core i3 or higher computer with more than enough RAM (above 4GB), yet the computer works like those archive computers with a single Celeron processor clocking at 1.2GHz on a 250MB RAM. (Pun intended).

When your computer begins to work slow, and the system freezes despite the fact you are not running any resource-heavy application. It would be time to clean up your Windows Registry. Below, are the top 10 best Registry Cleaners for Windows PCs. Geek Savanna has gone the extra mile of including the download link from a trusted website. Here you go:

#1 – CCleaner

This Registry cleaner has been rated highly by most computer users and experts in the market. It also comes with regular updates that will deal with any new developing threats on your local system. The CCleaner updates also include new features and algorithms that make the Registry cleaning more streamlined.

#2 – TweakNow RegCleaner

Another highly rated Registry cleaner that runs pretty fast on your system and has a fairly easy to use UI for just about anyone willing to use it.

#3 – EasyCleaner

This Registry cleaner is especially suitable for computers where the user(s) has the tendency of creating duplicate files. This behavior can be not only annoying but also eats up your hard disk space. Not to mention making your system run slower over time.

#4 – RegDefense

About six years ago, this Registry cleaner was voted the number one Registry cleaner at the Top 10 Registry Cleaners website. RegDefense has the bragging rights for possessing one of the most powerful algorithms as far as Registry cleaning is concerned. But it only supports 64-bit operating systems like the Windows 7.

#5 – RegistryFix

Has your computer seen better days and is currently on its senior citizenship? It probably does not have the most powerful computer resources around, so you might want to go easy on it. If so, RegistryFix is the best Registry cleaner for less powerful machines. As it small and requires less resource intensive compared to the other cleaners.

#6 – JV16 PowerTools

Although the developer of this cleaner last released the free version back in 2003, most users using the JV16 PowerTools still use that version. This Registry cleaner comes with significantly higher customization options for how the Registry is cleaned.

#7 – WiseCleaner

This freemium Registry cleaner gives you the option to not only clean the Registry but also optimize other Windows components. Such as boot speed, hard drive cache, and Start menu among other computer settings.

#8 – Comodo Registry Cleaner

Coming from a developer best known for creating one of the best firewall software, the Comodo Registry Cleaner equally impresses when it comes to speeding up sluggish PCs. What makes this cleaner extra special, unlike most other cleaners? It can be configured to scan automatically and clean up your Registry on a regular basis.

#9 – RegSeeker

Most Registry cleaner that do a good job but don’t give you that extensive report. If you are a more hands-on user, you want the report to be as comprehensive as possible. RegSeeker does a good job at cleaning your registry and gives you very detailed Registry entries.

#10 – Registry Easy

This cleaner was best rated for its simplicity in use and effectiveness in getting the job done. It was given a 9.4 score out of a possible 10 by the

If your computer has been freezing or giving you annoying error messages a lot, the above Registry cleaners should be able to fix that. Note that whenever you create or delete files, install or uninstall an application or surf the web for an extended period, the registry becomes cluttered, and some invalid system entries will be formed.

If you have never or less frequently utilize registry cleaners, your computer will have an overall poor performance and the system may crash. For these and more tips and tricks to keep your system running fast, follow us on Twitter: @GeekSavanna or like use on