True Software, the maker of anti-spam software we love so much on our smartphone; the Truecaller and Truedialler apps. The software maker has a new app on the app store that will protect your SMS inbox from those spammy messages, just like we hope its other products are protecting you from spammy calls; Truemessenger.

The app is available for free download at Google Play to users around the world. Truemessenger will protect your inbox from spams by simply verifying the identity of senders sending SMS messages to your phones. If you mark a particular sender as a spammer, it will be the last SMS you will ever get from him, her or it.

With Truemessenger, you can scroll down your contact list and selecting known spammers and let the app do its work. Prevent you from ever getting SMSs from the selected spammers. Additionally, whenever you get an SMS from a new number not stored in your contact list, Truemessenger will tell you the name of the sender using that number. Just like how Truecaller and Truedialler work.

With Truemessenger’s global rollout, we’re bringing you the combined power of our global community with information from your own personal networks so you’ll never again have to worry about anonymous numbers,” said Alan Mamedi, the CEO and co-founder of Truecaller.

To download Truemessenger on your phone, click here.

As a mobile phone user, it is obvious to see how Truemessenger is a long-awaited app for my smartphone. I am sure you can empathize with me here; I get a lot of annoying SMS from my service carriers (Safaricom & Airtel Kenya) and people I would rather not keep an active direct communication link with. So Truemessenger will be heaven-sent from that outlook.

For businesses that are heavily depended on short code services to promote their products using SMS messages. You are in deep trouble, if a couple of Truemessenger user marks you as a spammer, you run the risk of being barred from communicating with your targeted audience. Given Truecaller, Truedialler and (assumingly) Truemessenger works on the basis of crowd-sourced information; assuming a good number of users marks you as spam.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to be a prophet of doom for businesses, let us just wait and see how things pan out between the business community and Truemessenger services to their targeted customers.