Mozilla has released the updated Firefox 40 specifically tweaked to enhance users’ experience on the new Windows 10. The update was not just unique to Windows users, other users on Linux, Mac, and Android as well can get the Firefox 40 web browser.

Improvements on Firefox 40

  1. According to the blog post by Mozilla, Firefox 40 update comes with user retention given the new Windows 10 changes your local system’s default browser to the Edge browser automatically. The Firefox 40 browser will walk you through how to change your default browser back to Firefox or any alternative browser in your system.
  2. Windows 10 also automatically sets Microsoft’s Bing as your default search engine. Firefox 40 will easily enable to change back to the search engine of their choice and make it the default. You will also notice that Firefox 40 also has a slight design change from the previous Firefox 39.0.3.Mozilla Releases Firefox 40 For The Pesky #Windows10 With Better Security
  3. Mozilla has taken user’s security a notch higher with regards to the certification of third party add-ons. It has come up with a more thorough certification threshold developers ought to satisfy before they could have their third party add-ons installed on the Firefox browser. From the users’ end, you will start getting notifications on add-ons that have not complied with the certification process.
  4. Mozilla says that in future it will take a proactive approach towards protecting users by automatically disabling any third-party add-ons that have not undergone the certification process.

If you love Firefox browser and have not upgraded to the latest Firefox 40 version, go to to upgrade. Another way would be to open Firefox browser, go to ‘help’ in the top left corner of the browser and click ‘About Firefox’. If your Firefox browser had not updated itself automatically earlier, you would see the browser start updating itself.

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