You are probably on Facebook but are you aware of the new Security Checkup feature the social network recently introduced? If not, then this article is for you. This new tool will walk you through how to improve the level of security on your Facebook account.

When you are on Facebook on your desktop PC, you will notice a notification box on top of your news feeds that says, ‘Stay Secure on Facebook.’ It will lead you through 3 steps to add an extra layer of security on your Facebook account. The following are these 3 extra security steps:

  1. Manage Connected Apps: This feature will help you log out of Facebook from any unused devices and browsers. It will highlight to you all the previously connected apps or browsers giving you the option to log out those you haven’t used for a long time.

It is in your best interest to log out of devices and browsers you haven’t used for months. Staying logged in to such devices and browsers increases the chances of someone using your Facebook account without your consent or knowledge. Also, it gives you the opportunity to log out of ‘social login’ apps that required you to authorize to access your account details. If you forget to cancel such authorization long after you no longer need such ‘social login’ app, they can make loopholes for hackers to hack your account.

  1. Monitor Login Activities: The second step of the Security Checkup feature will turn on the login alerts. This feature will instruct Facebook to send you an SMS or email notification telling you someone has tried accessing your account on a new browser or device. Such alerts would stop would-be hacker right on their track as it will notify you to take necessary steps or keep a watchful eye on your activities registered in Facebook activities.
  2. Protect your Password: Last but not least, the Security Checkup will guide you on how to protect your password. Facebook will give you pro-tips on how to set up a strong password and avoid the common pitfalls most people fall into when creating passwords. You will need to read keenly these instructions and check to see if you have adhered to the password setup guides given.

However, not all Facebook users have so far seen the Security Checkup feature on their news feeds. Tech Savanna can advise such users to go to>> Settings>>Security. From there you can check for any suspicious login activities on your account, log out from any unused app and change your password.

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