Mozilla has been notified by one of the Firefox users that the browser has an exploit that allows hackers to stealth fully steal users’ information without a trace. This is according to a blog post made by the Mozilla dated August 6th.

According to Mozilla, an advertisement running on a Russian website served this exploit to users visiting the site. It then exploited the security breaches on the current Firefox browser to steal their information and upload them without leaving behind any traces. If you are a Firefox browser user, then you need to update your browser ASAP.

How To Manually Update Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you don’t know your way around Firefox browser, your browser should look like something similar to the below picture.

Press ‘alt’ on your keyboard; go to ‘Help’ on the top left corner of your browser. A drop down menu will appear, go down to ‘About Firefox’. A pop-up menu will appear showing you the current version of the browser. If you are using any version earlier than the ‘Firefox 39.0.3’, you need to upgrade to this latest version.Warning To Firefox Browser Users: You Should Update To Firefox 39.0.3 Now!

Mine was ‘Firefox 39.0’ and after clicking of ‘Restart Firefox to update’ the browser closed and reopened again as Firefox 39.0.3 with a fix to the security exploit.Warning To Firefox Browser Users: You Should Update To Firefox 39.0.3 Now!

How the Firefox Exploit Worked

According to Mozilla, the exploit was on the interaction mechanism executing JavaScript context separation (the same origin policy) and the Firefox’s PDF Viewer. However, this exploit does not exist on Mozilla products that don’t have PDF Viewers, such as Firefox browser on Android. The exploit also seemed to target Windows and Linux operating systems users, albeit Mac users are highly encouraged to update their Firefox browser just to be on the safe side.

For more information about the Firefox browser security update, click here to go to Mozilla’s official blog post.